Moycullen, Co. Galway


Baptisms are held on the first and third Sunday of each month, at 12:45 pm. Please give at least two weeks notice.

Download Baptismal Form.

To book a baptism, call the parish secretary during office hours (see the Contact Us page).

Remember to provide your name and phone number, so that we can contact you if there’s a funeral or some other reason that might cause the baptism to be postponed by a short time.

If you are not of this parish, you must provide a letter from your parish priest, to say that he’s aware that you are getting your child baptised here.

If this is the first baptism in your family, contact the parish office for a booklet about the baptism ceremony.

Please bring an individual baptismal candle, not one that has already been used by someone else. You can purchase these in the Cathedral Bookshop, among other places.

Please also bring a white garment — for example, a blanket or shawl. This can be a new item or a family heirloom.

On the day of the baptism, dress the baby in such a way that it will be easy to get access to anoint the chest.

At the baptism ceremony you will receive a Baptismal Certificate with all details complete.  Please retain this certificate as you will need to produce it for School Enrolment, 1st Communion, Confirmation purposes.


1. Ensure that all entries are clear and legible.

2. Ensure that all entries are spelled correctly.

If the parents of the child to be baptised are not married, you must provide a civil birth certificate. The details on the civil birth certificate are used in the Baptismal Register.

If you have any questions about baptisms, please call the parish secretary during office hours (see the Contact Us page).