Moycullen, Co. Galway


To mark the 50th anniversary of Muire gan Smál, Maigh Cuilinn in 2003, a special booklet was produced: A Time to Remember.

The following introduction to A Time to Remember was written by Fr. Michael McLoughlin, P.P.:

“It is always appropriate to acknowledge and celebrate the faith history of a people. The effort to practice has not always been an easy one and in present times it is as difficult if not more so with the climate of pluralism and materialism and indeed individualism that seems to exist. In Moycullen we are a people of faith, we especially remember those who have gone before us and what has been handed on through the generations. This lays down a challenge to us as to what will be reflected upon in another fifty years. Our church buildings reflects the social history of their time. Enjoy reading Treasa McMahon’s article. The remembrances of Tommy McDonagh & Micky Leonard will bring memories flooding back. The reporting of events 50 years ago by the Connaught Tribune makes interesting reading.”

A Time to Remember contains the following articles:

“A Precious Inheritance” by Treasa McMahon

“A Man’s Pay” by Tommy McDonagh

“Celebration of the building of Moycullen 50 years ago” by Micky Leonard

“Centuries-old Moycullen Tradition Maintained”Connaught Tribune 12 December1953