Wedding Day


Moycullen, Co. Galway


Music will add to the joyful atmosphere of your wedding. Be sure however, that the music is suitable, respecting the sacred character of the occasion. Check out all music with your priest — and organist or other musicians — well before your wedding day.


The use of flowers and plants, if arranged in good taste, can heighten the festive spirit of the marriage ceremony. However, over decoration and placing of flowers in unsuitable locations (e.g. where they hide the design of the altar or lectern) must be avoided.

Photographs and Video-Recording

If photographs are to be taken at any time during the ceremony, they should be taken discreetly from a distance, without in any way distracting from the ceremony. It is not appropriate to enter the sanctuary area to take photographs or videos during the ceremony. Installing equipment (tripods, lights and leads etc.) for photo/video purposes is permitted only in consultation with a priest of the parish and/or the presiding priest. If this is to take place, then the equipment should be in place 30 minutes before the ceremony begins, i.e. before the people start arriving in church.